Skillhive + Crazy Town = global community and marketplace for experts

Crazy Town and Skillhive are working together to build a globally functioning expert community and a marketplace for future expert work.

The ongoing digital revolution breaks the prevailing hierarchical organizational structures and practices. Work is increasingly happening in cross-organizational teams and projects. At the same time, there is a growing need for a new kind of networking community and support networks.

Crazy Town and Skillhive have both years of experience and a shared vision of the future of work. Together they will build a community for experts where they can share their expertise and do what they are good at and what they are interested in. The community will operate both socially, physically and digitally to create a place where it will be a safe and easy to get support for growth while helping others to succeed.

Skillhive Next is a digital compentence platform and marketplace that provides an easy way to describe people’s skills and combine them flexibly with different customer needs – across organizational and industry boundaries. Through Skillhive, companies and organizations will find the most motivated experts to help them develop innovative products and services that will thrive in global competition.

Crazy Town is a rapidly expanding community of experts and companies who want to go further together rather than alone. Crazy Town provides the experts with a collaborative physical and social environment where knowledge is shared and business is breed together. 

For more information:

Intunex Oy (Skillhive)

Janne Ruohisto, Managing Director, 0503572316,

Crazy Town (Crazy Town)

Toni Pienonen, concept, tel. 400737238,

Mikko Markkanen, Managing Director, tel. +358 407588712,

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