Let’s cooperate more

Good cooperation means more than just common goals, meetings and shared documents—that’s only the beginning. Good cooperation means looking after colleagues and customers. It means addressing their needs before they fully recognize them. Good cooperation allows us to develop better services that can succeed against international competition. Good cooperation helps us build bridges, create peace and solve global social problems. Good cooperation also helps build successful businesses.

Bold experimentation and mutual learning

By bold experimentation and mutual learning, competitive companies know what is worth producing, for whom, and when—all with available resources and skills. They don’t waste resources and expertise; they focus on the right areas and pay timely attention to the changing needs of customers and the operating environment.

All Europe is facing major challenges. Companies must develop innovative solutions or operational models in order to create continued success in the future. Finns are known for their honesty and persistence and for their ability to collaborate. When necessary, we cooperate: no one gets left behind. We still believe in the community spirit of bygone days. To find the best solutions for today’s problems, we need to share and collaborate, to work together in a more intelligent way.

Our goal at Intunex

Our goal at Intunex: work with our customers and find solutions to create a better tomorrow. Our Skillhive Cloud Service provides experts an easy-to-use and visually motivating method to display, share and develop expertise: to accomplish more together.

The web- and mobile-based service helps users quickly deploy appropriate skills, where and when needed. This speeds up problem solving and helps generate good ideas—no need to re-invent the wheel. Also, Skillhive supports leadership and development of a learning organization.

Two fundamental attributes of modern leadership and how Skillhive helps

What are two fundamental attributes to modern leadership?

  • access to information about current personnel skill sets and areas of interest that benefit business operations,
  • a vision of existing and future expertise requirements.

Skillhive offers tools for gathering and combining such information to help companies make better decisions about how to use existing resources and develop them in the best possible manner to provide customers with the best possible services.
We haven’t yet identified every solution, let alone all the problems that lie in the way of better cooperation. But by combining know-how and experience, we can develop more successful businesses and organizations. The kind where employees are doing well and generate results, and which enjoy satisfied, successful partners and customers.

So let’s work together!

Janne Ruohisto