Sofigate brings together their capabilities and the needs of their clients

Sofigate is the leading IT Management Service Provider in Finland and rapidly expanding to other markets. In June 2014 Sofigate opened an office in Sweden.  Founded in 2003, Sofigate has grown to become the largest provider, leading the way in IT management practices. Sofigate’s services are used by a quarter of Finland’s TOP100 companies, along with a significant number of smaller companies and public sector institutions.  More information:

Elina Seppänen, Sofigate Group Oy:

1. What were your needs like?

Sofigate offers its clients IT administration management services. This means that we work for our clients in various tasks related to management and development in all areas of IT administration, from strategic work to project leadership and service management. In order to bring together the various needs of our clients and our hard experts, we have to know the skills of our staff on a very accurate level. Because we have been growing fast, as we were approaching 200 employees, we realized that we no longer knew our experts well enough. Therefore, we needed a tool that allows our staff to tell about their own skills, goals and wishes. We also wanted an agile tool that does not tie up our few forepersons too much or require heavy administration.

2. How did Intunex and the Skillhive service meet your needs?

Skillhive actually met our needs even better than we expected. Staff themselves are able to use nearly all features flexibly, and in addition to the needed functionalities, we also got a few bonuses, such as an option for discussion. In the future, perhaps we will also be able to do more expertise management in Skillhive. In addition, since we are in the field of IT ourselves, modernity and ease-of-use are essential. The ease and quickness of adoption were also positive experiences, of course.

3. What was the result?

We have been very happy with Skillhive. The extent to which staff use it still varies, of course, but it is constantly increasing as we learn more about the opportunities it provides. On the other hand, Skillhive itself is constantly developing and improving. We would like to see some more structure in Skillhive, such as options to tie in organizational structure and skills, but we expect to see these in the future with further development.

4. What are you particularly happy with?

Because there are not too many tools like these around, many things have surprised us positively. One important thing is that a user is able to use Skillhive independently and almost without limitations. These days, we also get the CV’s we show to our clients from Skillhive. Management is mostly very convenient. We also have to thank the Intunex “boys” – they react quickly and always give us good service!

5. To whom would you recommend the service?

The service is definitely suited for any average-sized company that needs to connect its staff. The basic idea is based on skills and abilities, of course, but Skillhive also acts as a channel for discussion that allows one to do things like consult colleagues without the need to use distracting e-mail.