Kunnan Taitoa has a systematic approach to skills development

Kunnan Taitoa Oy is a leading provider of accounting and HR services for municipalities in Finland. Taitoa develops their services together with our customers and produce them nationwide.

HR manager Hanna Tauschi, Kunnan Taitoa Oy:

1. What were your needs like?

We needed a tool to facilitate networking where contact information is easily available in one place and which facilitates the sharing of expertise in a virtual network.

2. How did Intunex and the Skillhive service meet your needs?

In the early stage, Skillhive was used for finding people. Since then, our operation has developed and other tools have been implemented. Now at its best, Skillhive meets the needs to develop expertise taken from our strategy: the courses and training part has now been actively adopted and we are in the process of further development of skills and abilities. To increase the use of Skillhive, some training events have been necessary, so that the folks at Taitoa find this great tool and begin to utilize it actively.

3. What was the result?

The use of Skillhive is now more systematic and more targeted. It works well as part of our selection of methods of communication and helps facilitate actions related to strategic goals in practice.

4. What are you particularly happy with?

We are particularly happy with the way the utilization of Skillhive has increased with Taitoa’s needs at its core. The development and collaboration with Intunex also deserves a special positive mention; collaboration has been seamless, the service has been great and the client’s needs have always been considered in an exemplary manner.

5. To whom would you recommend the service?

To companies with needs related to the sharing of expertise and networking.