HR4 Group manages talent in an agile way

HR4 Group is a growth company established in 2005. It is owned by entrepreneurs and offers HR research, consulting and outsourcing services to companies of all sizes. HR4 is the market leader in HR services in Finland. In 2014, the Group’s turnover was approximately EUR 8.5 million and it employed almost 100 people. Additional information:

Kati Tuovinen, HR Director, HR4 Group Oy:

1. What were your needs like?

We had a need to make expertise more visible – to be able to share and search for information and skill more easily and in an agile way, and to create development and management of expertise in a new way.

2. How did Intunex and the Skillhive service meet your needs?

Excellently. The only thing I would do differently is related to adoption: more practical instruction on how to use Skillhive and more communication in general. Intunex has always been immediately available, help is offered quickly and everything gets sorted out. The best thing is that Intunex is constantly developing Skillhive for the client’s needs and even anticipating them.

3. What was the result?

Skillhive is part of our strategically important processes, such as management of expertise and development (including familiarization) and management of execution. Skillhive has also proven to be an excellent tool in internal communication, and there are limitless possibilities for communicating with partners and clients. Skillhive is used in our organization daily, and I believe that half of us use Skillhive every month and many of us every week. Skillhive has become one of our most important and essential tools along with the operation steering system and CRM.

4. What are you particularly happy with?

The agility, openness and ease of use of the service and the different ways to use it – I’m constantly coming up with more of them! Reports also look very good, both visually and in terms of content.

5. To whom would you recommend the service?

This is a must for all expert organizations! I believe that Skillhive will work in organizations of all sizes. The most important thing is the culture of the organization; operations must be open and transparent to put Skillhive to optimal use.