HENRY helps HR professionals to network and share knowledge nation wide

The Finnish Association for Human Resources Management – HENRY ry (registered) is an association of professionals responsible for the management and development of human resources in Finnish companies and organizations.
HENRY´s purpose is to develop and increase the skills and knowledge of its members who work in various sectors of Human Resource Management. To widen the horizons of its operations HENRY aims to encourage its members to attend conventions and seminars both in Finland and internationally. Through human networking HENRY tries to be truly international whilst also providing a full service in Finland.  With about 2800 registered members, it is the leading national organisation of personnel professionals in Finland. Read more: http://www.henry.fi/henry/in_english

Marita Salo, executive director, Henry ry:

1. What were your needs like?

Skillhive was used at the Uudista ja Uudistu fair as a networking tool for participants. Skillhive allowed us to see in advance who was coming to the fair. A swarm was also created for each speech given during the day, where it was possible to promote and comment on the speech.

2. How did Intunex and the Skillhive service meet your needs?

Intunex and Skillhive met our needs above expectations. The service is easy to use and creating a profile is convenient.

3. What was the result?

Skillhive will be used actively by HENRY staff also after the fair event. Skillhive strengthens and maintains interaction between members outside actual events and meetings.

4. What were you particularly happy with?

Skillhive’s features, excellent customer service and good quality for the price.

5. To whom would you recommend the service?

To event organizers, associations, companies and other organizations.